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Yahoo Mail is designed to provide you with fast and easy access to your Yahoo! email account from your Android device - without having to load the mobile web site.

What you would expect

The Yahoo Mail app is free and supports notifications, meaning that you'll get instant alerts when you receive new mail.

Yahoo Mail for Android is simple but complete: it provides fast access to your folders (i.e. inbox, drafts, sent mail and spam), allows you to access your address book, compose emails, and attach photos or files to your messages. You can also use the Yahoo Mail client for Android to organize your messages into folders, a process which is much easier to do than it is using the web version of Yahoo Mail.

One boon of the Yahoo Mail app is that it lets you add multiple Yahoo accounts so you can switch between your inboxes in one place.

Besides allowing you to check your email, Yahoo Mail includes an 'Apps' section, where you can check news and weather from within the application, which is cool.

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