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Yahoo Mail is designed to provide you with fast and easy access to your Yahoo! email account from your Android device - without having to load the mobile web site. View full description


  • Well designed user interface
  • Customizable with themes
  • 'Plug in' other Yahoo services


  • Spam filtering isn't great
  • Slows down at times


Yahoo Mail is designed to provide you with fast and easy access to your Yahoo! email account from your Android device - without having to load the mobile web site.

Looks good

Yahoo Mail offers a comfortable ride in terms of navigating your email. Its interface is easily readable and clearly laid-out. Just like the Gmail app for Android, folders and options appear in a panel on the right with your list of mails showing next to this. Tap on a mail header and the email will be displayed in a preview pane on the right. Options for replying, trashing, blocking, starring, etc. appear at the bottom of the email pane.

A nice feature of Yahoo Mail, carried over from the web version, is its support for themes. There are several attractive designs to choose from in a range of color schemes, so you can tailor your email client to suit your mood.

Yahoo Mail is well optimized for Android tablets, and it's a very comfortable experience.

Yahoo Mail's shiny, attractive interface masks a few niggly problems under the hood of the app. For instance, the spam filtering of Yahoo Mail is questionable. Often, I found genuine emails in the spam folder, while junk was littering my inbox. For me, spam is definitely more of an issue in Yahoo Mail than it is in Gmail or Outlook, and many users report similar problems on Yahoo Mail's Google Play page.

Another annoyance of the Yahoo Mail app is the constant refreshing every time you navigate your inbox, where the app checks for new mail. Sometimes you have to wait a few seconds for this to finish, which is unacceptable in a modern mobile email client.

The latest version of Yahoo Mail for Android plugs you in to various Yahoo services to keep you updated on what's going on. So, you can now access news, weather, sports scores, videos, and more from within the mail client. It's a handy way of staying in touch, much like you can do with Google Now.

Should you ditch Gmail for Yahoo Mail?

If you use Gmail at the moment, Yahoo Mail isn't good enough to warrant switching to. The app is well designed and has some useful features but the spam filtering isn't good enough and the app has some niggly performance issues.

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Yahoo Mail


Yahoo Mail

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