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  • hat is Yahoo Mail?

    Yahoo Mail is an email service and applications that allows users to send and receive electronic mail from their browsers, mobile devices or desktop computer application.

  • Is Yahoo Mail safe?

    Yahoo's email service is comparably safe to use, however, in 2016, some 500 Yahoo email account were compromised by a state-sponsored hack designed to show that no email or online service, regardless of how big, is safe from attacks. This not only showed flaws in Yahoo’s service, but that of all online services. Yahoo is no less safe than other email services in this respect.

  • Is Yahoo Mail free?

    The Yahoo email service and application are free to download and use. Users can sign up for a free account by visiting Yahoo’s official website, while official applications can be found in various app stores and third-party sites.

  • What operating systems is Yahoo Mail supported on?

    The service was initially supported on the Windows 10 operating system, however, Yahoo pulled support for the software and it is no longer available for download from the official site. Because of this, security updates are no longer issued to existing users of the application. The mail service can still be accessed by browser, however, regardless of operating system.

  • How often is Yahoo Mail updated?

    The Yahoo email application for Windows 10 is no longer updated. This may result in security vulnerabilities for existing users. The official mobile apps are updated regularly to address bugs, fixes and provide interface improvements.

  • Can I use other accounts with Yahoo Mail?

    Non-Yahoo accounts can be synchronized with Yahoo. These include Gmail, Outlook and AOL. If you have a Yahoo address and a non-Yahoo address, both can be viewed in Yahoo’s client.

  • How do I install Yahoo Mail?

    Because Yahoo has pulled support for the Windows 10 Yahoo software, it can no longer be downloaded from Yahoo’s official site. Though it’s not necessarily recommended to download outdated software that no longer receives security updates and patches, it is still available in its last iteration from third-party sites and can be installed by downloading the installer and following the process steps.

  • Does Yahoo Mail still exist?

    Yahoo Mail for Windows 10 is no longer supported by Yahoo. The overall service, however, is still available and can still be used within the web browser of your choice. Similarly, the service can be accessed through mobile application from Android, iOS and Windows phones or tablets.

  • Where can I download Yahoo Mail?

    Yahoo no longer provides a download for Mail for Windows 10 on their official website. Some third-party sites still hosts the software, however, it may not be safe to use due to the lack of security updates. Access to the service does not require a download and can be accessed in your web browser. Similarly, mobile apps are available on official app stores from supported platforms.

  • Does Yahoo Mail support POP or IMAP?

    Both. You can configure your Yahoo email application on a mobile device manually to allow 2-way syncing between your mobile device, which means changes you make on your mobile device will be reflected in the online version and vice versa.