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Help & Info about Yahoo Mail - Organized Email for iphone

  • What is Yahoo Mail?

    Yahoo Mail (YM) is an email service that offers different plans for businesses and home users. Considered one among the most popular web-based mail services, YM integrates instant messaging, email, SMS text messaging and social networks. It supports keyboard shortcuts and offers up to a terabyte of online storage.
  • Why is mail heading to the spam folder of Yahoo Mail?

    There are multiple factors determining where the messages land up. Besides Yahoo’s filtering, the recipient could have blocked specific email addresses and domains. This is usually between the recipient and the sender, with Yahoo having little to no say.
  • What are Yahoo Mail “relevant ads”?

    Relevant ads are advertisements based on a user’s interests or recent activities. The contextual relevance to the page is also considered. Yahoo Mail makes these educated guesses by accounting quite a few attributes such as the phrases and words used by a user in a web search.
  • How does message analysis work?

    The automated systems at Yahoo go through all communicated content, which also includes photos, to help serve the user better. This analysis is carried out on all communicated content, including the messages sent, received, and drafted. In certain cases, Yahoo may run automated algorithms to come up with generic templates.
  • How do Yahoo Mail’s new features stack up against Yahoo Messenger?

    Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail share a common platform and they work together. This means users can archive instant and mail messages on Yahoo servers and then look for them from a range of computing systems and devices.
  • What is the role of mobile uploader?

    Mobile uploader is a feature, which if turned on automatically uploads videos and photos from the camera roll of a mobile device to Yahoo Mail. The uploaded videos and photos would remain privately stored until the user doesn’t mind sharing them.
  • Can Yahoo whitelist IPs?

    No, as Yahoo does not have any whitelisting program. However, it does offer a route through which bulk senders could submit IPs for review. New senders or people with new IPs would have to send in an application for perusal. Depending on the review, users’ reputations get modified in Yahoo’s systems.
  • How can mail delivery be improved?

    Mail delivery can be improved by ensuring the mail doesn’t contain misleading content or subject lines, over-hyped terms such as “hot deal” or “buy now”, has an option to unsubscribe, and includes a privacy policy link.
  • How to determine mail gets inboxed?

    To be honest, there is no defined method to ensure delivery of email messages into the recipient’s inbox. A major reason for this is the continual pursuit to make sure users are safeguarded from unnecessary email (particularly spam), malware and virus. The built-in anti-spam filtering setup ensures unwanted mails are weeded out before they reach the inbox.
  • How does DMARC influence mail delivery?

    DMARC is an industry consortium that reduces spoofing and promotes safer email. And Yahoo supports DMARC. In other words, if a DMARC policy is published by a sender, Yahoo would honour it. Based on the sender-published DMARC policy, the mail could get rejected or head to spam.


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